Eyelash Remover Serum

Eyelash Remover Serum

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  • 100% Vegan 
  • Handmade with love in small batches
  • Safe adhesive remover for lashes
  • Accelerates the growth of natural lashes, brows, edges, beards, etc. 
  • Removes makeup 


Ingredients: Cold-pressed extracted with organic calendula flowers, Avocado, Castor, Buriti & White tea oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Rein Johnson
Absolutely Excellent.

I was skeptical, but I saw it on Tik Tok and decided to try it. When I tell you this glue is the truth, I tell you NO lies. I have gone full face under the water in the shower to test it, I’ve slept in them for days, STILL on and secure. After about four days I could actually tug at them and pull them off, but if I hadn’t they’d still be on. I’ve changed lashes about 6 times just because I like different styles, but this liner type glue makes application easier for me. I’m definitely rocking with this glue from now on, so please don’t go out of business or get new and stop selling it! 🤣. Seriously, as a preacher that sweats hard and cries in worship a lot, I needed the STRONG stuff. Thank you for living your purpose! I’ll forever support.

The remover helps. It’s just oil based. You could probably use any oil like olive or something. I had to let it sit a bit so I could get the remaining glue off my lash line. Be patient and don’t scrape or rip your natural lashes off. The hardest part was getting the glue off my eye, but if you don’t rush it, let it sit a bit, and gently rub the lash line, it rubs off after a good soak in the oil.

Pridesworth Tsiane

Eyelash Remover Serum


Your lash removing serum says $8 but when I click on the picture it shows $48. What’s the real price?

Leona G

I love the glue but I wish it was kinda stronger but the only thing that lifts is the corners but that’s if you do too much or get water then pinch it to make it stick down thinking it will but I guess I like it it’s better then any other glue just try and make it stronger for people who really want a strong hold and don’t care ab they real lash without sueing if it’s hard to get off your lash or damage

Sophie Klob
Best eyelash glue

I've always wanted to wear false eyelashes but struggled so bad with glue but this one was a complete game changer. The adhesion is amazing and makes application easy! Would definitely buy again!